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The Italian Buddhist Union was founded in 1985


The Unione Buddhista Italiana (U.B.I., Italian Buddhist Union) was founded in Milan on April 17, 1985, by Italian Buddhist centers of all traditions who felt the need to unite and cooperate to respond to the increasing number of requests from Italian people interested in Buddhism.

Il Buddhismo

The Italian Buddhist Union has a new logo and a new image: clear, straightforward, and lively


The image echoes vacuity and focuses on the essential. Through the bright colors of the Buddhist flag and of the ocher clothing of the Buddha.


The UBI obtains the recognition of legal personality as a religious body with a decree of the President of the Italian Republic


On 17 January 2013, by signing an agreement with the Italian State, Italian Dharma practitioners started on a new path that fully recognizes their right to play an active role in an inclusive citizenship.

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Originally the Path is wordless; with words we illustrate the Path. Once you see the Path, the words are immediately forgotten.

— Zen Saying

To shun all evil. To do good. To purify one’s heart.

— Dhammapada