Art. 20 of Law 245 of 31 December 2012

(Breakdown of the eight per thousand share of the IRPEF, Italian personal income tax) provides that:

1. As of the financial reporting year in which this Law goes into effect, UBI shall receive a share of the 8×1000 IRPEF (personal income tax) contributions devolved by the Italian Government, and allocate said sums to cultural, social and humanitarian projects, including those benefiting foreign countries, as well as to support charitable activities and the cult.

2. The allocation of sums referenced in paragraph 1 above shall be based on the choices expressed by taxpayers upon filing their annual income tax returns. With regard to the portion from taxpayers who did not list a beneficiary, UBI hereby agrees to receive a share proportional to choices expressed, and undertakes to allocate those funds solely towards humanitarian initiatives.

3. As of the third year following that referenced in par. 1, by the end of June of each year, the Italian State shall disburse to UBI the sums referenced in paragraph 1, calculated pursuant to Article 45, paragraph 7 of the 23 December 1998 Law number 448, based on the annual income tax returns listing UBI as beneficiary, received in reference to the last of the previous three fiscal years.