The Italian Buddhist Union has a new logo and a new image: clear, straightforward, and lively.

The logo is an unmistakable and evoking geometrical symbol: a square inside a circle. A simplification, a fusion between a mandala and the shapes of a stupa: a monument to the memorable events of the life of the Buddha and of the universality of his teachings.

The image echoes vacuity and focuses on the essential. Through the bright colors of the Buddhist flag and of the ocher clothing of the Buddha.

An active union: definite and bright. The wheel of the Dharma.

“At all times, in all religions, the human soul has expressed itself through symbols that can only be interpreted as symbols of a totality, such as the circle and quaternity. These images have a numinous character and seem to represent the totality of the man, a totality that includes the conscious psyche and the unconscious psyche, to which limits cannot be assigned. The specific purpose of man is to become aware until he become consciously what he unconsciously is: the total man.”

(Excerpt from the introduction by Hélène Erba-Tissot to Mitobiografia  by Ernst Bernhard, Adelphi, Milan, 1969. Bernhard was a psychiatrist and curator of the series ” Psiche e coscienza” for the Astrolabio – Ubaldini Editore publishing house from 1946 to 1965. They published for the first time in Italian works of the Buddhist tradition, of Eastern religions and philosophies, together with the contemporary literature that refers to them, and fundamental texts of psychoanalysis).